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  • We provide a turnkey Business Automation and Products platform for Web Hosts, Domain Name Resellers, Web Design Companies, Web Presence Providers, ISPs, and Data Centers with end-to-end automation for You, Your staff, Your Customers and Your Resellers.

Why Sign Up With Us?

We provide the best business solution for domain resellers. All Reseller get a special discount from each product’s price. You don’t need to deposit any minimum amount to create a reseller account. You just need to deposit fund when you are selling/purchasing a product. You also pre-made deposit for further use. Your balance will never expire.

We provide lots of features totally free with each reseller account-


Free Email Account
Free Mail Forwards
Domain Theft Protection
Bulk Tools
Domain Forwarding
DNS Management
Easy to use Control Panel

Integration With WHMCS

Download our WHMCS integratation module from Download here and extract it at /modules/registrars directory of your WHMCS system. Then follow steps given below:ount-

  • Login to the Putul Host Reseller control panel (the url will be in the email you received when you signed up with them) and then go to User Profile > Manage Profile – the value you need to note is the Reseller ID.
  • Still in the Putul Host Reseller control panel, go to Settings -> API and enter the IP address of the server where WHMCS is installed to authorize it for API access.
  • On the same page, note down the API Key.
  • Now, login to your WHMCS Administration Area.
  • Go to Setup > Products/Services > Domain Registrars
  • Choose “Putul Host” in the registrar dropdown menu and enter both the Reseller ID and API Key noted above.
  • Then click Save Changes.

And that’s it, WHMCS will now be able to communicate with your Putul Host Reseller account to automate domain registration & management for your customers.

.COM ডোমেইন যে প্রাইস দেওয়া আছে এই দামে কিনতে হলে ” .COM DOMAIN RESELLER SIGNUP” করুন, বাকি সকল ডোমেইন কিনতে হলে “ডোমেইন রিসেলার রেজিস্টার করুন” করুন।

Domain Reseller Price

.COMTK 680.00TK 850.00TK 850.00Free
.NETTK 990.00TK 990.00TK 990.00350
.ORGTK 1050.00TK 1050.00TK 1050.00350
.INFOTK 1130.00TK 1130.00TK 1130.00350
.XYZTK 95.00TK 860.00TK 860.00350
.TVTK 2350.00TK 2350.00TK 2350.00350
.USTK 730.00TK 730.00TK 730.00350